Bless whoever made this.


Darren’s yearbook photos (x x)



what if the last scene of glee ever is when kurt and blaine are about to get married and the room is filled to the brim with all the characters together and then this song starts playing just as the doors open and kurt and burt walk in and blaine’s big old happy face and then everyone’s happy crying faces because everyone’s together and everything is good

who said she’s afraid of snakes? #It’sBritneyBitch (x)

Blaine moved out… but did he, really?

Who cares what happens when we get there, when the getting there has been so much fun?

A Sebastian Smythe Appreciation Moodboard


i blame the person who made this text post 

A street clown? A juggler? That would be cool. I’d probably go to school. I’d travel. I’d go wandering and get lost for a minute, like Jack Kerouac. And then afterwards, when I realized it was all vacuous and vapid and meant nothing to me, I’d probably take up photography