who said she’s afraid of snakes? #It’sBritneyBitch (x)

Blaine moved out… but did he, really?

Who cares what happens when we get there, when the getting there has been so much fun?

A Sebastian Smythe Appreciation Moodboard


i blame the person who made this text post 

A street clown? A juggler? That would be cool. I’d probably go to school. I’d travel. I’d go wandering and get lost for a minute, like Jack Kerouac. And then afterwards, when I realized it was all vacuous and vapid and meant nothing to me, I’d probably take up photography

glee meme → [1/1] quote
↳ “One day, all of you are going to be gone. And all of this, all of us will be nothing but a hazy memory. It will take you a second to remember everyone’s name. Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung, the solos you got or didn’t get. Life only really has one beginning and one end, and the rest is just a whole lot of middle.”

Curious he stops a passerby. The student is a handsome, raven-haired junior.

Cameron Monaghan behind the scenes of The Giver

JUL 10 Lea Michele grabs some Emergen-C while leaving a yoga class in Los Angeles.

The very first time I remember you, you are blonde and don’t love me back.
The next time you are brunette, and you do.
After a while I give up trying to guess if the colour of your hair means anything. 
because even if you don’t exist, I am always in love with you.

25 Lives
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London comic con 2012.